Spot Beata in Mieletön Elokuu – August Fools

Director Taru Mäkelä ‘s newest film, August Fools (Mieletön Elokuu), hit the theaters in Finland on October 4th. Mäkelä has previously directed and written a wide variety of films and TV shows, most notably the vastly successful comedy Varasto (2011).

Beata has a small cameo role in the film, in addition to helping out with the casting of Lee Harvey Oswald played by the wonderful Cohlie Brocato.

“AUGUST FOOLS is a romantic comedy set against the political backdrop of the Cold War. Elsa, a middle-aged milliner and a part-time clairvoyant is apparently in total control of her life -until the man she once loved and lost walks in through the door of her hat shop in Helsinki 1962. Jan a Czech jazz musician, is in town to perform at the “International Festival of Peace and Friendship of the Youth of the World.” For more than two decades Elsa believed the man is dead.”

Take a look at this wonderful film shot around a summery Europe and starring several of the most prominent Finnish film actors.

The poster for Mieletön Elokuu. ©Kinosto Oy
The poster for Mieletön Elokuu. ©Kinosto Oy

The summary is from here. Poster ©Kinosto Oy.