Summer Update: Upcoming Films

Beata has had a wonderful summer, and she will be appearing in two films coming out in Finland this fall. More info about these will follow later as the films move on to post-production stages. This October will also mark her feature film screenwriting debut, as the animation feature “Moomins on the Riviera” has its… Continue reading Summer Update: Upcoming Films

Spot Beata in Mieletön Elokuu – August Fools

Director Taru Mäkelä ‘s newest film, August Fools (Mieletön Elokuu), hit the theaters in Finland on October 4th. Mäkelä has previously directed and written a wide variety of films and TV shows, most notably the vastly successful comedy Varasto (2011). Beata has a small cameo role in the film, in addition to helping out with… Continue reading Spot Beata in Mieletön Elokuu – August Fools